The Washington Times - October 3, 2009, 10:16PM

A rewind from the pregame predictions from earlier today …

1. Both Ricky Sapp and Da’Quan Bowers will be in on a sack. INCORRECT.


Bowers got his —- two, in fact. But Sapp was amazingly quiet, with a tackle and four assists over the course of his day.

2. Torrey Smith will hit paydirt. CORRECT

Smith caught a 29-yard jumpball in double coverage for a second-quarter touchdown. He finished with three catches for 64 yards on the day,

3. Maryland’s no-punts-blocked streak will receive another scare. CORRECT

Pretty safe to say that goofy runaround that Nick Ferrara somehow got off —- that in turn bounced off Andre Ellington and landed in Maryland’s possession —- was close enough to a block to count for these purposes.

4. Adrian Moten will be a part of a turnover. INCORRECT

Guessing “Big Brother” wasn’t the right call here. But his self-described “Little Brother” —- Demetrius Hartsfield —- collected the fumble recovery that clinched the game.

5. Maryland’s running game will be held in check —- again. CORRECT

A 45-carry, 69-yard day qualifies as “held in check.” Take the sacks and kneeldowns out, and it’s 39 carries and 103 yards. Either way, Clemson’s run defense did its job for the most part. Davin Meggett led Maryland with 27 yards rushing.

So overall? That was a 3-for-5 day, which isn’t so bad.

—- Patrick Stevens