The Washington Times - October 30, 2009, 11:39AM

Be sure to check out today’s dead-tree edition story on the Brothers Galt —- Deege and Tommy —- who have earned significant roles this season after spending nearly their entire lives around the Maryland football program.

That’s because their father is Maryland’s director of strength and conditioning and has worked in some capacity under the Terps’ last five football coaches.


Dwight Galt was more than happy to talk about his sons, and did so with pride. And while nearly the entire story (and conversations) revolved around them and their family, there was one dad-related nugget I was curious about.

Namely, what was it like having your boss (Ralph Friedgen) come for an in-home visit?

“I wasn’t there,” Dwight Galt said. “I was working. I wanted to experience it. I wanted to be on the receiving end of it, you know. Jan was there and she said it was great. I was here lifting guys and it was driving me nuts that I wasn’t there. She was great. She said he was phenomenal and great with the boys. It was a really good experience for her and the boys. He had his suit and tie on. I just really wish I could been there. I would have loved it.”

It was probably small thing to miss in the bigger picture —- especially since father and sons have spent plenty of time together in and around the team house over the last five years.

—- Patrick Stevens