The Washington Times - October 5, 2009, 08:04PM

An interesting PR e-mail arrived today to herald the publication of ESPN’s college basketball encyclopedia —- complete, of course, with program rankings from all sorts of stretches.

Now, there’s pretty much no way this won’t end up in the D1scourse home library before long. Already here is a baseball, pro football, college football and SEC football encylopedia. What’s another dozen trees, right?


You can get an early glimpse of the rankings here. Probably the most promising thing about the whole thing is the page number in the upper left corner. Yep, that’s page 1,196. Take that, Tolstoy.

Anyway, Maryland checks in at 38th over the 72-year stretch (that would cover the entire NCAA tournament era, plus one year). Georgetown is 42nd. Binghamton, it of the massive issues of late, hilariously winds up No. 330 of 330.

And where might the Terrapins and Hoyas appear in decade rankings?


1970s: 7th
1980s: 28th
1990s: 17th
2000s: 14th


1980s: 2nd
1990s: 20th
2000s: 29th

Terps seem a little low for the Aughts, but no matter. A national title only carries schools so far, apparently. Syracuse (18th, 2000s), UNLV (unranked, 1990s), N.C. State (16th, 1980s), Kansas (19th, 1980s), Villanova (23rd, 1980s) and Michigan State (32nd, 1970s) all ranked even lower in decades during which they hauled home titles.

And finally, a few local numbers on the all-time list:

No. 68: Virginia
No. 97: George Washington
No. 105: Virginia Tech
No. 146: Navy
No. 211: American
No. 252: George Mason
No. 317: Howard

—- Patrick Stevens