The Washington Times - October 7, 2009, 07:56PM

One of the things that was interesting on Ralph Friedgen‘s teleconference on Sunday was his mention of how hard it was for anybody to shift from right tackle to left tackle in a game without the benefit of practice reps.

That was, after all, what Paul Pinegar did in Saturday’s defeat of Clemson.


What was more curious was figuring out if that was a suboptimal spot for him to be in. After all, he’s played right tackle since the spring whenever Bruce Campbell has been available.

But interestingly enough, the absence of Campbell (whose status for Saturday’s game at Wake Forest is at best questionable) might actually put Pinegar in a preferred spot when he has time to work at left tackle.

“He’s better,” Friedgen said. “He actually i think more comfortable on the left side, which is a little unusual because most right-handed players think the left side is a lot tougher for them.”

Friedgen’s received an extended look at Pinegar on both sides. He’s started three games at left tackle and two on the right side already, and he’d shift over to the left side if Campbell can’t play.

In turn, R.J. Dill would fill in at right tackle.

Pinegar just received a scholarship over the summer, and there’s little question the Terps have gotten quite a bit of mileage this season out of the undersized yet technically sound junior.

“Paul’s just a solid guy who works hard every day and has earned whatever he’s got,” Friedgen said. “It’s been very important, and I think he’s played very solid for us. I don’t think he’s played great, but I think he’s played solid. I don’t think he’s played poorly. He’s given us great effort in every game he’s been in. I’m pleased with play.”

—- Patrick Stevens