The Washington Times - September 11, 2009, 11:55AM

On Tuesday, Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen was looking a bit worn down while nevertheless trying to stay positive about his team’s outlook.

On Wednesday, he was in a rush to get to his radio show.


And yesterday, he was just hungry. Really, really hungry.

Typically, Ralph will go straight to his office when he returns to the team house. Yesterday, veered straight into the dining hall.

He came out with a cup of soup —- which I’d bet is preferred over nearly anything else that comes out of that cafeteria in terms of his diet —- and tried to multitask once reporters got into his office.

“Sorry I’m eating,” Friedgen said about 10 minutes in. “I’m just starving right now.”

In fairness to him, he had an unusual schedule yesterday. After a short practice, he went up to a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Tyser Tower to celebrate the opening of Maryland’s new suites.

On hand were plenty of donors —- and plenty of food.

“I just went to a reception where everybody was eating,” Friedgen explained. “I don’t know if I can hold off much longer.”

“Shoulda taken one of your bars up there,” I suggested.

“I thought about it,” Friedgen said. “I did have a drink of champagne. I know that’s forbidden fruit in Tyser Tower.”

Now, that’s funny —- and the unquestioned highlight of a relatively dull week.

—- Patrick Stevens