The Washington Times - September 13, 2009, 11:59AM

Even after two weeks, it’s safe to say some teams are more accomplished than others.

Although Florida might well be the best team in the country, the Gators haven’t really demonstrated they can beat a top-caliber team (all apologies to Charleston Southern and Troy).


But Southern California has. And so has Brigham Young. As has Alabama.

Which is why those three teams are at the top of the heap, followed by the Gators and some teams that are almost certainly great but maybe haven’t played the toughest competition so far.

This really is a blend of expectation and performance so far, which is a tricky line to straddle. By the end of the month, the hope is this will be based exclusively on what’s happened so far – and not what was anticipated.

In any case, Florida gets Tennessee next week. And while the Volunteers aren’t the most frightful bunch, they will certainly provide the Gators with a bit of a bounce should the Blessed Tebow roll up half a hundred as expected.

As a reminder, this chart includes real record, a regulation record (treating all overtime games as ties), last week’s ranking and notable performances from the course of the season:

1. Southern California
2-02-02Ohio State (A)
2. Alabama
2-02-04Virginia Tech (N)
3. Brigham Young
2-02-010Oklahoma (N)
4. Florida
2-02-01Troy (H)
5. Texas2-02-03Wyoming (A)
6. Louisiana State
2-02-06Washington (A)
7. Boise State
2-02-011Oregon (H)
8. California
2-02-09Maryland (H)
9. Penn State
2-02-05Syracuse (H)
10. Houston
2-02-0NROklahoma St. (A)
11. Georgia Tech
2-02-014Clemson (H)
12. Mississippi
1-01-012Memphis (A)
13. Kansas
2-02-016UTEP (A)
14. Nebraska
2-02-017Fla. Atlantic (H)
15. Oklahoma
1-11-115L: BYU (N)
16. Ohio State
1-11-18L: USC (H)
17. Miami
1-01-018Florida State (A)
18. Michigan
2-02-0NRNotre Dame (H)
19. Cincinnati
2-02-019Rutgers (A)
20. Texas Christian
1-01-020Virginia (A)
21. Virginia Tech
1-11-122L: Alabama (N)
22. Oklahoma State
1-11-17Georgia (H);
L: Houston (H)
23. Oregon State
2-02-013UNLV (A)
24. Utah
2-02-024San Jose St. (A)
25. Georgia
1-11-121S. Carolina (H)
L: Okie State (A)
26. Pittsburgh
2-02-030Buffalo (A)
27. Texas Tech
2-02-026Rice (H)
28. UCLA
2-02-0NRTennessee (A)
29. Notre Dame
1-11-125L: Michigan (A)
30. West Virginia
2-02-0NREast Carolina (H)

Patrick Stevens