The Washington Times - September 16, 2009, 11:54AM

This week’s Maryland-Middle Tennessee game is the tail end of a 2-and-1 series.

The Terps got home games in 2006 and 2009, while Middle Tennessee got a home date in 2008.


That’s nothing new. Maryland has played at Eastern Michigan, Florida International and Northern Illinois this decade, primarily because the finances involved in guaranteeing home games are a lot less dicey when you go on the road once over the course of the contract.

That’s the real-world situation. But it doesn’t make it any fun for Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen, who lost to an excellent Northern Illinois bunch in DeKalb in 2003 and a decidedly so-so Middle Tennessee team in Murfreesboro last year.

“Every game on the road has been a tough one for me,” Friedgen said. “I don’t like that part of the contract. I just play the cards I’m dealt.”

Friedgen wedged a chuckle in as he said “I don’t like that part.” And really, who can blame him for such thinking (or being open about it)? Those games have been a 50/50 chance at a loss for him, and most folks wouldn’t come close to understanding how the Terps could lose those games.

That can’t be any fun at all to deal with.

—- Patrick Stevens