The Washington Times - September 17, 2009, 06:59PM

Maybe Maryland will be ready for Middle Tennessee’s no-huddle offense.

Maybe it won’t be.


But after working on it in practice this week, the Terrapins probably should be prepared for a frenetic pace.

Coach Ralph Friedgen said he’s taken to doing a no-huddle drill on Tuesdays as a conditioning exercise in place of sprints. This week, the Terps ran 28 plays, then revisited the idea this afternoon.

“I like it because it forces you to think while you’re tired,” Friedgen said. “We run a no-huddle now, too, so we can work on our no-huddle and our defense gets work against the no-huddle. It’s 1s against 1s.”

You’d think that replacing sprints with anything would be a welcome thing. But the no-huddle drill doesn’t seem to rank among the most popular parts of practice.

“We play the situation, but I’m El Supremo so I tell them it was a first down even though it wasn’t a first down,” Friedgen said. “They’re cussing me out. It’s more to get them ready for that situation.”

Or so he hopes, anyway.

—- Patrick Stevens