The Washington Times - September 2, 2009, 11:47AM

Over the last couple days, Ralph Friedgen has said a few times his team’s two-deep has 28 guys who have never played.

Initially, that number seemed a little bit high. But then again, the two-deep has a way of going four or even five deep at times. Considering that, 28 actually seemed a little low.


So how to answer this question? Easy. Take a run through the depth chart and line it up.

Here goes, using an extremely strict definition of “never played”:


A.J. Francis
Demetrius Hartsfield
Mike Barbour
Nick Ferrara
Tim Downs


Kevin Dorsey
Justin Gilbert
Bennett Fulper
Justin Lewis
R.J. Dill
Devonte Campbell
Zach Kerr
Ian Davidson
Carl Russell
Masengo Kabongo
Darin Drakeford
Ted Townsley


Maurice Hampton
Danny O’Brien
Gary Douglas
Louis Berman
Kerry Boykins
Isaiah Ross
Herbert Law
Avery Murray
Eric Franklin


C.J. Brown
Dan Bonato

And that adds up to exactly 28. So props to Ralph hitting that one on the nose. There’s a fair number of guys —- Lamar Young, Andrew Gonnella, Danny Edwards, Trenton Hughes, Jamarr Robinson and Matt Furstenburg all come to find —- who have barely played and aren’t included in that list.

The total of 17 guys who will either start or be immediate backups is pretty jarring. Four of them are offensive linemen, which is simultaneously startling yet unsurprising.

In short, no wonder Friedgen is anxious to see what he has. No one —- himself included —- really can know for sure before Saturday’s visit to California.

—- Patrick Stevens