The Washington Times - September 21, 2009, 05:34PM

CLARA BARTON SERVICE AREA, NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE —- First of all, someone hit print and tuck that dateline away. Sure didn’t think I’d be working from here at any point in my life.

But … I am.


Anyway, what took me off the road was news Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams received an extra year on his contract, per a clause that kicks in a season for every year the Terrapins both (a) reach the NCAA tournament and (b) either hit the APR cut score of 925 OR have its scholarship players average 27 credits.

Which is absolutely no surprise at all.

Not to be self-referential or anything, go back and read this from March —- written less than six hours after the Terrapins earned an NCAA tournament berth.

The crux of it all:

“Now the Terps are back in the postseason. If Maryland takes care of its business in the classroom (and given how regimented the program’s academic schedules have become, the 27-credit clause probably has a decent chance of being met), Williams will receive a bump through 2013 for one of the best coaching jobs of his career.”

And that’s exactly what has happened.

—- Patrick Stevens