The Washington Times - September 26, 2009, 04:57PM

The Maryland marching band is on the field playing a “Barry Manilow classic” as part of its halftime set.

That’s an improvement, somehow, over the product on the field in the first half.


Here’s the hard truth: Neither Maryland nor Rutgers looks all that great. Both have some significant issues to overcome.

The Terps at least have shown the ability to drive on occasion. Yes, it’s mostly through the air, but at least they’ve done some things.

In terms of net yards based on a quick count, Rutgers winds up at 90 for the first half. Without that opening interception return for a touchdown, Maryland may well be in control.

There’s pretty much no chance this game will be used for many highlight tapes. Perhaps a catch here or a tackle there. But overall, these are a pair of flawed teams.

On the bright side for Maryland, it hasn’t needed Travis Baltz since he left with an ankle injury. And kicker Nick Ferrara has connected on a pair of field goals.

But realistically, it’s been a sloppy first half. If either team can play remotely well in the final 30 minutes, it will probably win going away.

—- Patrick Stevens