The Washington Times - September 26, 2009, 08:45PM

Linebacker Alex Wujciak summed up Maryland’s situation pretty well. California beat the Terrapins, and Maryland has beaten itself pretty much ever since.

Sure, Maryland should be 3-1 at this stage. Certainly the turnover-and-penalties argument could be made.


But the truth is, the Terps are probably closer to a 1-3 outfit than a 3-1 outfit. And if they keep killing themselves, they won’t even need to let other teams eviscerate them.

Be sure of this: Rutgers, as constituted today, was the worst offense Maryland has faced to date. By far. And to the Terps’ credit, they shut down the Scarlet Knights in some tough spots over and over and over before wearing down.

It’s not often a team starts six possessions in opposing territory. Rarer still they manage only six points. And even more unlikely that such a team actually winds up winning.

Maryland has a lot to solve. And with a third of the resume already complete, it would take a very optimistic fellow to think the Terps can fix all that ails them.

Or, more to the point, go 5-3 over the rest of the season to make a bowl game.

“It is frustrating,” said quarterback Chris Turner, who thre three picks and lost a fumble in the end zone. “We have to find some way to stop turning the ball over and stop getting penalties. We don’t have a choice. If we keep playing like this, we’re not going to win a game the rest of the year.”

The thing is, he’s right. And considering Maryland now has 13 turnovers —- and a heinous -10 margin —- it would take quite a turnaround right now to piece things together after a shaky September.

—- Patrick Stevens