The Washington Times - September 28, 2009, 01:45PM

The ACC just announced its players of the week, and Maryland remained 0-for-the-season.

This comes as no surprise; the Terrapins haven’t exactly received a ton of great individual performances, and in general, a voting panel filled with sportswriters votes for guys on teams that win.


The player with the best case relative to his weekly competition to date is linebacker Alex Wujciak, who collected 17 tackles in Saturday’s 34-13 loss to Rutgers.

It was a performance that evoked memories of earlier this decade, when guys like Charles Hill and Randy Starks capably took up space and funneled rushers to E.J. Henderson. Tackles Travis Ivey and A.J. Francis performed the same service for Wujciak on Saturday.

So while Wujciak didn’t win an award, he did roll up the most tackles of his career. And it got me looking up the best individual tackling days of the Ralph Friedgen era:

Player                          Tackles            Game
Dave Philistin              21        2007-Georgia Tech
E.J. Henderson                        20        2001-at N.C. State
E.J. Henderson                        19        2002-at Virginia
E.J. Henderson                        19        2002-Wake Forest
E.J. Henderson                        18        2001-West Virginia
E.J. Henderson                        18        2001-at Georgia Tech (OT)
D’Qwell Jackson         18        2005-vs. Navy
Erin Henderson                        18        2006-at Clemson
Erin Henderson                        18        2007-Virginia
E.J. Henderson                        17        2001-at Wake Forest  
E.J. Henderson                        17        2001-Clemson
Alex Wujciak               17        2009-Rutgers
E.J. Henderson                        16        2002-vs. Notre Dame
E.J. Henderson                        16        2002-N.C. State
D’Qwell Jackson         16        2003-at Eastern Michigan
D’Qwell Jackson         16        2004-at West Virginia (OT)
D’Qwell Jackson         16        2004-Georgia Tech
Shawne Merriman        16        2004-N.C. State
D’Qwell Jackson         16        2004-at Virginia
D’Qwell Jackson         16        2005-Clemson
Milton Harris               16        2005-at North Carolina (OT)
D’Qwell Jackson         16        2005-Boston College
Alex Wujciak               16        2006-at Clemson

—- Patrick Stevens