The Washington Times - September 5, 2009, 01:49PM

OAKLAND, Calif. —- There was something very telling about the interviews that went into today’s e-edition story on the Maryland defense’s inability to score on its own.

Namely, that every guy knew the last time Maryland produced a defensive touchdown.


That would have been Erin Henderson‘s interception return at Virginia in 2006.

A little more than a year before that, Josh Wilson brought back a fumble at Wake Forest.

And a little more than a year before that, Henry Scott recovered a fumble against Temple.

And that’s the full accounting of Maryland’s defensive touchdowns over the last five years.

Opponents have 17 of them in that span. Heck, Boston College scored three in one game against the Terps in 2006.

One of Maryland’s subtle requirements for a good season will be the defensive either scoring or at the least creating highly favorable situations to help mitigate an offensive line that will almost certainly remain a question for some time.

Basically, turnovers are going to play a significant role in whether Maryland can exceed expectations this season —- or fall short of the 7-5/6-6 neighborhood the Terps are mostly pegged for.

—- Patrick Stevens