The Washington Times - September 7, 2009, 12:37PM

The D1scourse Challenge was not forgotten about in all the hoopla of the start of the season.

And with yesterday’s play wrapping up things for the week, 3 Turrets is in the lead after collecting 150 of 153 points.


Each weekly winner gets to toss a question out for the challenge’s mailbag, so let’s get to what 3 Turrets has to say:

Instead of “Where does this rank in terms of Friedgen’s worst losses at Maryland?” … how about “What’s his track record after losses —- especially nonconference losses?”

That works pretty well.

Friedgen is now 64-37 in eight-plus seasons at Maryland. Two of the losses were in bowl games (Orange vs. Florida, Emerald vs. Oregon State), and another ended the 2005 season (at N.C. State). And obviously, the Terps haven’t followed up Saturday’s loss at California yet.

So that leaves a total of 33 losses to vet. And here’s a rundown by season:

2001: 1-0
2002: 3-0
2003: 2-1
2004: 3-3
2005: 2-3
2006: 3-1
2007: 3-3
2008: 4-1
Total: 21-12

Only one of those victories, it should be pointed out, came against a team from the former Division I-AA (The Citadel in 2003).

Anyway, to get to the more specific question, here’s how Maryland has followed up its nonconference losses under Friedgen (again, not including the two bowl losses):

2002 Notre Dame: Beat Akron 44-14
2003 Northern Illinois: Lost at Florida State 35-10
2004 West Virginia: Beat @Duke 55-21
2005 West Virginia: Beat @Wake Forest 22-12
2006 West Virginia: Beat Florida International 14-10
2007 West Virginia: Lost at Wake Forest 31-24 (OT)
2008 Middle Tennessee: Beat California 35-27

So that’s a 5-2 record, which isn’t bad considering there are three bowl teams and a pesky ‘05 Wake Forest bunch in the mix.

Ultimately, this chart is a reminder of something else: Maryland last had a perfect nonconference record in 2001. Of course, that’s not out of line for the program’s history, since the only other times since 1962 the Terps ran the table outside of the ACC in the regular season were in 1976 and 1999.

—- Patrick Stevens