The Washington Times - September 7, 2009, 01:56PM

On this morning’s CAA teleconference, James Madison coach Mickey Matthews reiterated his camp-long stance on Drew Dudzik and Justin Thorpe.

Both quarterbacks are going to play Saturday at Maryland.


“Both of them are inexperienced —- one’s a junior and one’s a freshman,” Matthews said. “They’ve competed very hard in fall camp. They’re both going to play at Maryland. Both can run and both can throw. Drew played the second half against Montana [last year], but he hasn’t played a lot.”

It goes without saying that the Dukes are unsettled at the position, especially after the graduation of Rodney Landers. That makes it two straight years a CAA opponent will start its season at Maryland with uncertainty at QB.

Matthews said he can envision a split system unfolding for a few weeks before a decision is made —- one that ultimately will have as much to do with his players’ reaction as his own.

In short: The guy who winds up securing more faith that he can do more to lead the Dukes to victories is probably the long-term QB.

“[We’ll decide] when it’s obvious one is better than the other,” Matthews said. “The players, the kids decide. The coaches just announce it. We’re going to go by that around here, whether it’s defensive end or quarterback. We’re going to let the kids decide who is going to play.”

—- Patrick Stevens