The Washington Times - April 13, 2011, 01:26PM

It takes a special sort of obsessed fan to fret about depth chart changes from week to week during spring practice.

But guess what? There is demand for it. And with that in mind, here’s a look at the adjustments on Navy’s depth chart this week:



WR: John O’Boyle instead of Bruce Andrews as third string
C: Nolan O’Sullivan listed as third string instead of Eric Douglass as a co-second stringer
RG: Graham Vickers at third string instead of Alex Boddiford
RT: Andrew Barker ahead of Evan Campbell for backup spot
WR: Casey Bolena ahead of Jonathan Gazaille for backup spot


LDE: Jamel Dobbs ahead of Wes Henderson for backup spot
RDE: Josh Dowling-Fitzpatrick and Collin Sturdivant listed as co-starters
ILB: Matt Warrick and Caleb King listed as co-starters
ILB: Shawn Reed and Michael Tuimavave listed as co-third stringers
OLB: Evan Paleilei outright backup. Hal Hunter and Colten Southworth as co-third stringers
LCB: Albrey Felder and David Sperry as co-backups
ROV: Tra’ves Bush and Gary Myers as co-starters. Wave Ryder third-string.
RCB: David Wright and Gary Myers as co-starters. Jonathan Wev and Ryan Green co-third stringers

—- Patrick Stevens