The Washington Times - April 29, 2011, 11:17AM

Taylor Watson‘s departure from the Maryland football program meant there was one less competitor for the Terrapins’  fullback job.

Which begs a question: How much will Maryland actually use a fullback in the years to come under new offensive coordinator Gary Crowton.


It’s not exactly a thriving position in the game in general, and coach Randy Edsall suggested neither senior Haroon Brown nor redshirt freshman Rahsaan Moore locked down the position in the first four weeks of Maryland’s spring practice.

Nonetheless, Crowton said he intends to use a fullback during the season —- but noted he wanted a multifaceted player to fill the role.

“There’s still a lot in the two-back we’re going to do and we just need a physical guy who can block and make his presence [felt] inside and can catch the ball,” Crowton said. “That position right there, I feel like with Haroon and Moore and [Jeff] Hernandez, those three guys were really battling. We got to continue to improve there, too. We need to be physical, and with our ball skills. For that position to really work, they need to be able to block hard and ctahc the ball out of the backfield. That’s what we’re looking for out of that position.”

—- Patrick Stevens