The Washington Times - August 2, 2011, 08:39AM

Maryland center Berend Weijs knows how he’s perceived (which is touched upon in today’s dead-tree edition story).

The 6-foot-10, 210-pounder also is well-aware of how to use his strengths to counteract any concerns with his wiry frame.


“There are a lot of guys that are underweight,” Weijs said. He could thrive “If I’ve got good footwork and my speed can be an advantage to me. If I just play smarter against the big guys; instead of trying to body them up, maybe take a little more distance. When they go up, jump and go for the block or change the shot. Maybe take a charge if they’re trying to bully me up because I’ll get it probably pretty easy. There’s a couple things I can do. Just play rough with them.”

Don’t think he couldn’t. Weijs soon turned his elbows out to demonstrate (with a laugh) how he could make life difficult for post players in the ACC this year.

“I can still poke. I’ve got knives over here. …,” Weijs grinned. “It is an advantage. People don’t want to run up to it. If I stand like this [with my elbows out], nobody wants to run up to me.”

—- Patrick Stevens