The Washington Times - August 23, 2011, 04:02PM

Those familiar with Maryland’s football program over the years undoubtedly know of Ron Ohringer.

Actually, they know of Ronnie O, the Terrapins’ long-time equipment manager who is usually ready with a quip and, when asked, a restaurant recommendation on the road.


It was tough not to think of Ronnie O last night as Maryland debuted its various uniform combinations —- all of which he’ll be responsible for finding a place to store.

“It’s making his job a little bit harder,” cornerback Cameron Chism said.


“From a storage point, but actually it’s going to be kind of fun,” Ohringer said. “Mix and match and see what we do.”

Maryland previously had one helmet, three jerseys and three sets of pants. Now, it has two helmets, four jerseys and four pants. That’s a fair bit of extra stuff to stow away.

It’s been a few years since I stepped into Ohringer’s fiefdom on the bottom floor of the Terps’ team house. He’s entering his 24th season, so he’s had plenty of time to accrue a wealth of goodies over the years.

Apparently, that hasn’t changed any time recently.

“Ronnie O’s going to have to finally clean out the equipment room and stop hording everything down there. …,” coach Randy Edsall joked. “He’s going to have to get rid of some of that other stuff he’s been holding onto for years and years and years.”

Or, there’s alternative option.

“We’re going to clear some room out of his office to put some of this stuff,” Ohringer zinged when told of Edsall’s comment.

A goofy, random, completely non-serious post about Maryland football wouldn’t be complete without defensive tackle A.J. Francis chiming in with his unique analysis.

So, how does The Franchyze figure Ronnie O will hold up with all the added inventory in the equipment room? Predictably, he didn’t disappoint.

“Ronnie O’s like an old cat lady —- when you come around her house on Halloween, she gives you a nickel,” Francis said. “Or like a apple. Ronnie O doesn’t like to share all of what he has. Ronnie O still has shoes from, I’m pretty sure, when Lefty Driesell was the basketball coach. I’m pretty sure he has girdles from back when, I think, Randy White played here and he was in high school. I think that’s how old things [were that] he had back there, and he doesn’t like to share them. I think this is making his life a little more chaotic and I think his mind might actually explode. I hope he can handle the pressure of handing out the things he has to.”

—- Patrick Stevens