The Washington Times - August 23, 2011, 10:48AM

So, you might have heard, Maryland unveiled its latest football uniforms on Monday.

Rather than dwell on the fashion impact (a task for which D1scourse-brand analysis is particularly ill-suited) and the material used to make them (Wideout Quintin McCree: “The old ones were kind of bulky and kind of stiff. It felt like playing in a sweatshirt; you’d get wet and it got heavy”), how about a quick look at the week-to-week issues.


Namely, who actually gets to make a decision?

Turns out the seniors and the team captains (of which three are seniors) will get to make the call. But with 32 combinations available (four jerseys times four pants times two helmets), it might not be the easiest option.

“I’m not looking forward to it all,” linebacker Kenny Tate said. “With all these combinations, I don’t know. We could be sitting there arguing. We can come out every week and have something new just looking good and trying to come out and perform very well. We’ll consult with the team, see what we want to wear, make a decision and go play football.”

One person who says he won’t have a hand in things in coach Randy Edsall, who was eyeing some fan participation.

“That’s not me,” Edsall said. “I just told them ‘Guys, there’s too many options there for us.’ What I want to be able to do is get all these 17 uniforms up on the website and have our fans vote for their top five and see if there’s some our fans like and to engage our fans and to be a part of this process.”

It seems safe to say Maryland probably won’t trot out the same uniforms more than once all year. No one offered up what the Terps might wear for their Labor Day opener against Miami.

Intriguingly, quarterback Danny O’Brien hypothesized on what might get left on the shelf for a while.

“Ironically, I think the red and white is probably what you’ll see last, and that’s the most traditional,” O’Brien said. “I don’t know if we’ll ever get into the traditional white-red-white. We’ll see.”

As for Maryland’s recent uniform history (in lieu of researching later), here’s the jersey/pants combinations from the last six seasons …


vs. Navy: white/white
Clemson: red/white
West Virginia: red/white
at Wake Forest: white/red
Virginia: black/white
at Temple: white/white
Virginia Tech: black/white
at Florida State: white/red
at North Carolina: white/red
Boston College: red/red
at N.C. State: white/white


William & Mary: red/white
Middle Tennessee: red/white
at West Virginia: white/white
Florida International: red/white
at Georgia Tech: white/white
at Virginia: white/red
N.C. State: red/red
Florida State: black/white
at Clemson: white/red
Miami: black/white
at Boston College: white/red
Wake Forest: red/white
vs. Purdue: red/red


Villanova: red/white
at Florida International: white/white
West Virginia: black/black
at Wake Forest: white/red
at Rutgers: white/white
Georgia Tech: red/white
Virginia: red/red
Clemson: red/white
at North Carolina: white/black
Boston College: red/white
at Florida State: white/red
at N.C. State: white/white
vs. Oregon State: white/white


Delaware: red/white
at Middle Tennessee: white/white
California: red/white
Eastern Michigan: red/white
at Clemson: white/red
at Virginia: white/red
Wake Forest: black/white
N.C. State: red/red
at Virginia Tech: white/white
North Carolina: red/white
Florida State: black/black
at Boston College: white/white
vs. Nevada: white/white


at California: white/black
James Madison: red/white
Middle Tennessee: red/white
Rutgers: red/white
Clemson: black/red
at Wake Forest: white/white
Virginia: red/red
at Duke: white/white
at N.C. State: white/white
Virginia Tech: black/black (Wounded Warrior Project)
at Florida State: white/red
Boston College: black/red


vs. Navy: red/white
Morgan State: red/white
at West Virginia: white/white
Florida International: red/white
Duke: red/white
at Clemson: white/red
at Boston College: white/black
Wake Forest: red/red
at Miami: white/black
at Virginia: white/black
Florida State: black/black + black helmets (Wounded Warrior Project)
N.C. State: red/black
vs. East Carolina: red/white

—- Patrick Stevens