The Washington Times - December 10, 2011, 11:58AM

A bit less than three hours before kickoff at FedEx Field, and just wanted to follow up on Friday’s dead-tree edition look at Navy fullback Alexander Teich.

Teich was the only member of the football team’s senior class to earn a special warfare (i.e. Navy SEAL) service selection.


And to Navy’s coaching staff, it’s a perfect fit.

“They’re all a little bit different, and they have to be wired a little bit different, just like a Marine ground infantry guy has to be wired a little differently,” fullbacks coach Mike Judge said. “He’s going to fit in well there. …

“We always joke the academy is a special place for special people. Well, the SEAL community is a special place for really special people. He’ll be fine. His energy and enthusiasm toward what he wants to get accomplished is going to pay off.”

It’ll follow up an impressive career at Navy, where he ranks 11th on the school’s rushing list and could rise a spot or two this afternoon.


Player Years Att.     Yards     TD   
1. Napoleon McCallum
1981-85 908 4,179 31
2. Chris McCoy
1995-97 699 3,401 43
3. Eddie Meyers
1978-81 589 2,935 16
4. Kyle Eckel
2002-04 615 2,906 25
5. Ricky Dobbs
2008-10 687 2,665 49
6. Cleveland Cooper
1972-74 579 2,582 17
7. Shun White
2005-08 261 2,311 20
8. Alton Grizzard
1987-90 599 2,174 15
9. Adam Ballard
2005-07 404 2,125 14
10. Eric Kettani
2005-08 395 2,091 15
11. Alexander Teich
392 2,053 8


Teich described the opportunity to pursue becoming a SEAL as a chance to lead a group of guys like him. It would, it’s safe to say, no doubt be an interesting room to be in. But coach Ken Niumatalolo knows Teich would fit in well.

“I don’t know what it takes to be a SEAL, but I know it’s a tough deal,” Niumatalolo said. “If there’s anybody who can do it, it’s him.”

—- Patrick Stevens