The Washington Times - December 29, 2011, 10:39AM

Running down the data from Wednesday …

* Maryland’s best stretches of the game coincided with the presence of Berend Weijs on the court. The senior looked especially active on defense in the first half, and he finished with three blocks and four rebounds in 12 minutes. That sort of line might be what Maryland looks for from him going forward


Weijs’ stints on the floor:

# Terps took a 9-6 lead to 18-9
# Terps were up 23-15 when he came in and 31-23 when he departed
# Terps took a 48-48 tie to a 65-54 lead

* Maryland had four substitutions when three or four players checked in at a time. The “Line Change” approach might just become fairly common now that Mark Turgeon has a full deck to work with.

* Maryland committed 15 personal fouls. The offending player left immediately after seven of them.

* More of an oddball team scoring margin item, but interesting nonetheless: Maryland is five games over .500 and has still been outscored on the season. In fact, the Terps have not had a positive scoring margin for the season since the 13:43 mark of the first half of their loss to Alabama —- the second game of the season.

Put another way: Maryland has played 440 minutes this season. It’s had a positive overall scoring margin for 34:20.

That should change Saturday. The Terps need to build only a four-point lead over Samford to finally secure a positive scoring margin for the season.

Player ALB   
Season     Per Min.   
4-Susskind DNP   
0 0.00
5-Faust +9 -11 -0.03
10-Weijs +17 +6 0.03
11-Parker +9 -5 -0.02
12-Stoglin +9 +27 0.07
DNP +1 0.10
14-Mosley +8 -9 -0.03
15-Barks DNP +4 0.67
21-Howard 0 +7 0.11
22-Dillard DNP 0 0.00
23-Auslander DNP -4 -0.05
24-Thomas DNP -16 -0.27
25-Len +4 +4 0.15
30-Pankey -11 -39 -0.16
35-Padgett +10 +20 0.08

—- Patrick Stevens