The Washington Times - December 6, 2011, 10:41AM

For those interested in a comparison between Maryland’s football assistant coach pay in 2010 and 2011, here you go.

Base constitutes base pay. Guaranteed includes money for things like TV/radio (hilariously included in contracts this year who are not permitted to speak to the media), personal appearances, equipment and apparel, fundraising and car and phone allowances. Total combines the two numbers.


Also, offensive coordinator Gary Crowton’s contract is not yet available, but the university did provide a base salary upon request. The base salary for former defensive line coach Dave Sollazzo includes $25,000 for being the team’s recruiting coordinator.

This all ties into today’s dead-tree story on the topic, since Maryland released the current assistants’ contracts yesterday. All of the 2011 assistants were in the first of three-year contracts.


Gary Crowton, OC 
Todd Bradford, DC
Tom Brattan, OL
Keith Dudzinski, LB 
Greg Gattuso, DL
Lyndon Johnson, ST/LB  
Andre Powell, RB
Lee Hull, WR
John Dunn, TE


James Franklin, OC  
Don Brown, DC
Tom Brattan, OL
Dave Sollazzo, DL
Lee Hull, WR
Kevin Lempa, S
Al Seamonson, LB
Charles Bankins, ST/TE   
John Donovan, RB$93,196$12,440$105,636

Patrick Stevens