The Washington Times - February 23, 2011, 04:36PM

As I was saying …

Oh, that’s right. You may have noticed a little bit of an interruption. Something to the tune of about 14 months. About that, here’s more than 400 days worth of reading if you really need to catch up.


(It’s a long story. Loyal readers know it well. Those who are new, welcome to a blog that will handle Mid-Atlantic college sports —- with an emphasis on the University of Maryland).

The most recent D1scourse site will continue to exist, and be a solid place for links aggregation. But going forward, D1scourse is back on its original home.

That means bracketology will be back here.

And Maryland football and basketball coverage.

And the ACC morning after rundown on Sundays in the fall.

And plenty of college lacrosse analysis.

There will be Maryland, sure, but also Georgetown. And George Mason. And Navy. And the ACC. And, well, whatever else seems worthwhile or interesting. Emphasis on the interesting part.

This isn’t a place for the soothing platitudes from the Big Bag of Sportswriters’ Cliches. But then, that probably isn’t and definitely shouldn’t be expected.

Feel free to drop a line, either in the comments section or via e-mail at Things will be getting back underway in just a few hours, as Maryland (17-10, 6-6 ACC) meets Florida State at Comcast Center.

More —- a lot more —- is to come. It’s good to be back; hopefully most loyal readers (and some new ones) will be along here in the days and weeks to come.

—- Patrick Stevens