The Washington Times - February 26, 2011, 01:13PM

Maryland’s defeat of Florida State on Wednesday brought with it the re-emergence of Adrian Bowie as a viable offensive option.

The senior had 12 points and six assists in 28 minutes after rolling up eight points (on 3-for-13 shooting) in his previous three outings.


There’s no way to know if Bowie’s performance was an aberration. But what is certain is a few early falls to the floor had a little bit to do with getting the understated veteran into the game.

“With Adrian, I almost wish someone would knock him down early and get him a little mad,” coach Gary Williams said. “He seems to go. He got hit a couple times early and seemed to respond well.”

Added Bowie: “It’s like a personal challenge when someone knocks you down. It definitely made me more aggressive.”

For all of Bowie’s ups and downs in his final season, he’s still a somewhat more productive player than he was earlier in his career. As a junior, he averaged 12.15 points, 5.42 rebounds, 3.79 assists and 2.01 turnovers per 40 minutes.

This season, his per-40 minute averages are 14.53 points, 4.90 rebounds, 5.93 assists and 3.02 turnovers —- with both the assists and turnovers increasing in large part because of additional ballhandling responsibilities earlier in the season.

Bowie’s point guard duties decreased in recent weeks, with freshmen Terrell Stoglin and Pe’Shon Howard taking on the bulk of the time running the team. That’s left Bowie the chance to drive to the basket more often.

That hadn’t happened much this month —- at least until he wound up on the floor a couple times against the Seminoles.

“That’s when he plays the best,” forward Dino Gregory said before pausing to set up his punchline. “I’m gonna knock him down the next game and we’ll see what happens.”