The Washington Times - March 1, 2011, 03:38PM

If there’s a legitimate Maryland-related oddity in the ACC’s expansion era, it is an absolute inability to win at Miami.

Maryland is one of only two ACC teams (Virginia is the other) without a victory in Coral Gables since 2005. Heck, those two and Georgia Tech are the only teams without at least two wins at Miami.


The Terrapins have come up with an assortment of ways to stumble against the Hurricanes in the BankUnited Center.

There was the overtime loss in 2005.

And the 13-0 lead Maryland spotted Miami in a 14-point loss in 2006.

And the blowout of 2008.

And the second-half meltdown a year later.

“There’s no reason for it, other than they did a good job against us, they were well coached, they played well,” coach Gary Williams said.

Of all those losses, only one —- the ‘08 defeat —- came against an eventual NCAA tournament team.

Only one came in front of a sellout crowd, too:


2005: 7,000
2006: 5,125
2008: 6,058
2009: 4,651

That’s no surprise, of course; it’s not exactly a secret that despite the presence of a functional, well-designed on-campus facility, Miami basketball struggles (like most sports entities in South Florida) to attract fans.

So that’s one more element —- a fair number of empty seats in the last three visits —- that make this more of a puzzler.

Williams doesn’t have an explanation, and maybe there isn’t one. But it is an oddity, without question.