The Washington Times - March 17, 2011, 08:43AM

CLEVELAND —- The NCAA tournament’s round of 64 begins today in four cities across the land.

Here in the Metropolis of the Western Reserve (if Wikipedia says it’s a nickname for Cleveland, it must be true, right?), there will be press conferences.


A downer? Probably not, considering there’s access to all eight teams playing at Quicken Loans Arena on Friday.

Speaking of which, thine eyes do not deceive. There are meaningful basketball games being played in Cleveland in March, and a self-proclaimed King isn’t part of the festivities. No doubt Seth Greenberg is disappointed at that development.

On the travel front things have gone swimmingly so far, with the following occurring:

(a) Slept during nearly the entire flight from Baltimore to Cleveland
(b) Found my checked bag already on the luggage carousel when I got there
(c) In a little splash of 21st century reality, hopped in a taxi and saw the cabbie had a laptop turned on and his Facebook page on the screen
(d) Had a downright cheerful receptionist at the hotel who helped fix a minor reservation blip.

Having one of those occur is welcome. Having all four, well, that would seem to be a good sign.

More to come throughout the day …

—- Patrick Stevens