The Washington Times - March 2, 2011, 07:53AM

This, for those unfamiliar with D1scourse in March in past years, is the at-large big board, an attempt to better demonstrate the state of affairs as NCAA tournament selection draws closer.

It’s subjective, of course, and not a perfect representation of how things look. But it’s probably not far off, either.


Also note: This is an at-large big board. So don’t be That Guy who pounds “I guess Ohio State hasn’t done enough to make the tournament” into his keyboard and cackles at having tripped someone up. Sorry, but the Buckeyes (as well as fellow conference leaders BYU, Kansas,  Duke, Pitt, Florida, Arizona, Utah State, Xavier, George Mason, UAB, Missouri State, Saint Mary’s, Princeton, Belmont, Oakland) are all penciled in as automatic qualifiers. If and when they lose in their conference tournaments or fall out of first place, they’ll pop up on the big board.

Sound good? OK. But at least consider some protective eyewear —- things get ugly just after the middle of this list:

1. Purdue
2. Notre Dame
3. Texas
4. San Diego State
5. Georgetown
6. Syracuse
7. Wisconsin
8. Louisville
9. Connecticut
10. North Carolina
11. Kentucky
12. St. John’s
13. Vanderbilt
14. Villanova
15. Kansas State
16. Texas A&M
17. Temple
18. Missouri
19. West Virginia
20. UCLA
21. Georgia
22. UNLV
23. Cincinnati
24. Old Dominion
25. Tennessee
26. Washington
27. Florida State
28. Illinois
29. Marquette
30. Gonzaga
31. Richmond
32. Michigan
33. Virginia Tech 


34. Boston College
35. Clemson
36. Butler
37. Memphis 


38. Oklahoma State
39. Colorado State
40. Michigan State
41. Colorado


42. Cleveland State
43. Minnesota
44. Dayton
45. Virginia Commonwealth


46. Nebraska
47. Marshall
48. Southern Mississippi
49. Harvard
50. Drexel
51. Washington State
52. Maryland
53. Wichita State
54. Penn State
55. Mississippi

—- Patrick Stevens