The Washington Times - March 21, 2011, 12:03AM

CLEVELAND —- One thing it appears the 2011 NCAA tournament will be remembered for is a wild Southwest regional.

The top seeds, other than Kansas, were wiped out this weekend. No. 4 Louisville, No. 5 Vanderbilt and No. 6 Georgetown were gone by Friday night. No. 2 Notre Dame and No. 3 Purdue joined them on the scrap heap tonight.


And just like that, there were three double-digit seeds in the same regional for the first time in tournament history.

No. 10 Florida State, No. 11 Virginia Commonwealth and No. 12 Richmond join the top-seeded Jayhawks in San Antonio next weekend. There were 12 previous instances of two double digit seeds advancing to the same regional site.

One other thing: In none of those instances did a team lower than a No. 4 seed make it to the Final Four.

The rundown of instances when one regional had two double-digit seeds —- a group the 2011 Southwest bracket joins in addition to its list of one (eventual regional winner in bold):

1986 (1-Duke, 7-Navy, 12-DePaul, 14-Cleveland State)
1988 (1-Temple, 2-Duke, 11-Rhode Island, 13-Richmond)
1990 (1-UNLV, 7-Alabama, 11-Loyola Marymount, 12-Ball State)
1991 (1-North Carolina, 3-Oklahoma State, 10-Temple, 12-Eastern Michigan)
1994 (1-Arkansas, 3-Michigan, 10-Maryland, 12-Tulsa)
1997 (1-Kansas, 4-Arizona, 10-Providence, 14-Chattanooga)
1999 (1-Duke, 6-Temple, 10-Purdue, 12-SW Missouri State)
1999 (1-Michigan State, 3-Kentucky, 10-Miami OH, 13-Oklahoma)
2001 (1-Michigan State, 7-Penn State, 11-Temple, 12-Gonzaga)
2003 (1-Oklahoma, 3-Syracuse, 10-Auburn, 12-Butler)
2008 (1-Kansas, 3-Wisconsin, 10-Davidson, 12-Villanova)
2010 (1-Kentucky, 2-West Virginia, 11-Washington, 12-Cornell)

—- Patrick Stevens