The Washington Times - May 11, 2011, 07:38PM

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson said Wednesday new basketball coach Mark Turgeon‘s contract ““will probably be longer than [five years]” but that financial terms have yet to be finalized.

Turgeon was making about $1.6 million at Texas A&M according to a USA Today contract database.


“He’s going to be paid, but ultimately it wasn’t about money,” Anderson said. “It was about being in the right position, the right school with the right values and a chance for him to win at the highest level.”

Turgeon deferred to Anderson for any details in his new deal. As a state employee, his contract is subject to public information requests.

However, the university has 30 days to reply to such requests —- and even then can only provide a document if a deal is actually signed.

“I’m pretty demanding,” Turgeon said. “I had a great contract. I’ve had a great contract since Wichita State, so this will be a good contract for me.”

Anderson also said there is a possibility Maryland will upgrade the pay for its assistant coaches. Keith Booth, Robert Ehsan and Bino Ranson combined to make $432,961 in guaranteed compensation this past season.

“He looked at it and I think he’s comfortable with it,” Anderson said of Turgeon. “Here’s what I’ll say to that: He’s looking at the best coaches coming in here. You know what? If by chance there’s some people that we might have to spend some more money with, we will strongly consider it.”

—- Patrick Stevens