The Washington Times - May 27, 2011, 10:44AM

Yesterday’s release of the USILA All-America team brought with it the usual share of eyebrow arching. That (and the bickering that naturally follows) is an annual rite of spring.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of scouring the selections was the absence of first team picks in this weekend’s final four. Just one of the 14 first-teamers —- Virginia attackman Steele Stanwick —- is on a team still standing in the NCAA tournament.


Some of this is a function of the top four seeds all being ousted in the quarterfinals. Ten first-teamers —- three each from Syracuse and Cornell, two each from Johns Hopkins and Notre Dame —- saw their seasons end.

The really notable thing here is how it compares historically. A decade is a decent sample size to work with, so here’s a look at how many first-team picks made it to Memorial Day weekend in the last 10 seasons:

2002 (6): A Mikey Powell (Syracuse), A Josh Coffman (Syracuse), M Adam Donegar (Hopkins), M Chris Rotelli (Virginia), D John Glatzel (Syracuse), G Nick Murtha (Hopkins)

2003 (6): A Kyle Barrie (Hopkins), A Mikey Powell (Syracuse), M Adam Donegar (Hopkins), M Chris Rotelli (Virginia), D Michael Howley (Maryland), Tillman Johnson (Virginia)

2004 (5): A Mikey Powell (Syracuse), A Ryan Boyle (Princeton), M Kyle Harrison (Hopkins), M Sean Lindsay (Syracuse), G Matt Russell (Navy)

2005 (6): A Matt Danowski (Duke), M Kyle Harrison (Hopkins), M Bill McGlone (Maryland), M Matt Zash (Duke), D Tom Garvey (Hopkins), G Aaron Fenton (Duke)

2006 (7): A Sean Morris (Massachusetts), A Joe Walters (Maryland), A Matt Ward (Virginia), M Kyle Dixon (Virginia), M Bill McGlone (Maryland), D Mike Culver (Virginia), D Jack Reid (Massachusetts)

2007 (8): A Zack Greer (Duke), A Matt Danowski (Duke), M Nick O’Hara (Duke), M Max Seibald (Cornell), M Paul Rabil (Hopkins), D Mitch Belisle (Cornell), D Casey Carroll (Duke), G Matt McMonagle (Cornell)

2008 (7): A Matt Danowski (Duke), A Zack Greer (Duke), A Mike Leveille (Syracuse), M Steve Brooks (Syracuse), M Nick O’Hara (Duke), M Paul Rabil (Hopkins), D Ken Clausen (Virginia)

2009 (8): A Ned Crotty (Duke), A Dan Glading (Virginia), A Kenny Nims (Syracuse), M Matt Abbott (Syracuse), M Shamel Bratton (Virginia), M Max Seibald (Cornell), D Ken Clausen (Virginia), D Matt Moyer (Cornell)

2010 (4): A Ned Crotty (Duke), A Rob Pannell (Cornell), M Shamel Bratton (Virginia), D Ken Clausen (Virginia)

2011 (1): A Steele Stanwick (Virginia)

So over the previous nine years, there were an average of 6.3 first-team picks on the rosters of semifinalists.

Here’s the even more amazing piece of this year’s low-wattage final four. With the exception of a 13-man team in 2009, the rest of the previous decade’s first teams included just 11 men. The USILA wisely (finally?) added separate spots for long stick midfielders and faceoff men this season.

Also worth noting: There are five second-teamers and six third-teamers still playing this weekend.

As for the other local/near-local college players to make the cut for all the teams, here they are:


A Steele Stanwick, Virginia
M John Ranagan, Hopkins
FO Matt Dolente, Hopkins


M Colin Briggs, Virginia
LSM Brian Farrell, Maryland
D Tucker Durkin, Hopkins
D Brett Schmidt, Maryland
G Pierce Bassett, Hopkins


A Ryan Young, Maryland
M Joe Cummings, Maryland
M Chris LaPierre, Virginia


A Chris Bocklet, Virginia
A Chris Boland, Hopkins
A Grant Catalino, Maryland
A Mike Sawyer, Loyola
A Kyle Wharton, Hopkins
M John Haus, Maryland
FO Curtis Holmes, Maryland
D Barney Ehrmann, Georgetown
D Michael Hirsch, Navy
D Max Schmidt, Maryland
G Adam Ghitelman, Virginia

—- Patrick Stevens