The Washington Times - November 14, 2011, 02:08PM

One interesting piece of Maryland’s early-season puzzle is its reliance on walk-ons to spell the seven scholarship players available.

Neither forward John Auslander nor Jonathan Thomas did much to fill up the box score in their respective appearances Sunday against UNC Wilmington. Combined, they played nine minutes, committed three fouls and missed one shot (a Thomas 3-point try).


But the Terps don’t need numbers from them. They need what I like to call “inoffensive minutes” – perhaps not potent statistically, but steady enough to allow their team to maintain at least the margin if not the level of play from before they entered.

And that’s exactly what Auslander and Thomas provided.

A look at how Maryland fared while both guys were on the floor


11:41, 1H: Went in tied 9-9, came out at 9:25 tied 11-11 (Net: 0)
2:32, 1H: Went in up 29-26, came out at 1:43 up 29-26 (Net: 0)
9:10, 2H: Went in up 55-47, came out at 7:14 up 61-49 (Net: +4)


8:30, 1H: Went in up 13-11, came out at 6:20 up 19-15 (Net: +2)
15:15, 2H: Went in up 42-31, came out at 14:00 up 45-31 (Net: +3)
8:44,2H: Went in up 58-47, came out at 8:10 up 58-47, (Net: 0)

In not one of the stretches when a walk-on was on the floor did Maryland have a negative scoring margin. Granted, coach Mark Turgeon didn’t put both guys on the floor much – all of 34 seconds with an 11-point lead – but Auslander and Thomas acquitted themselves well in their Maryland debuts.

And that leads to the first Maryland plus-minus chart of the season:


Player UNCW    
Season     Per Min.   
4-Susskind DNP
5-Faust +8 +8 0.27
10-Weijs +4 +4 0.36
11-Parker +6 +6 0.25
12-Stoglin +10 +10 0.30
14-Mosley +5 +5 0.17
15-Barks DNP
21-Howard INJ
22-Dillard DNP
23-Auslander +4 +4 0.80
24-Thomas +5 +5 1.25
25-Len DNP
30-Pankey 0 0 0.00
35-Padgett +3 +3 0.10

Patrick Stevens