The Washington Times - November 28, 2011, 12:01PM

Sometimes the archiving on Al Gore‘s Invention. Sometimes it stinks.

This is the case where it’s a little of both.


Maryland forward John Auslander, you might have noticed, played 20 minutes against Florida Gulf Coast on Friday. Auslander walked onto the Terrapins last season after transferring from Greensboro College.

Put simply: Walk-ons do not play those sort of minutes at Maryland, at least not of late.

Borrowing from a 2008 entry that long ago lost its coding (that’s the part that stinks), here are the most minutes played by a walk-on for the Terps since 1998-99:

20: John Auslander (Florida Gulf Coast, November 2011)

17: Calvin McCall (Coastal Carolina, January 2000)

16: Jonathan Thomas (vs. Iona, November 2011)

13: Calvin McCall (UMBC, December 1999)

10: Norman Fields (AU-Puerto Rico, November 1998)
10: John Auslander (vs. Alabama, November 2011)

9: Calvin McCall (Duke, January 2000)
9: Jason McAlpin (Holy Cross, January 2008)
9: Jonathan Thomas (vs. Iona, November 2011)

8: Calvin McCall (Clemson, January 2000)
8: Jason McAlpin (Wake Forest, January 2008)
8: Jonathan Thomas (vs. Alabama, November 2011)

7: Matt Hahn (Florida State, March 2000)
7: Jason McAlpin (Florida State, February 2008)
7: Arnold Richmond (vs. Iona, November 2011)
7: Jonathan Thomas (Florida Gulf Coast, November 2011)

So going back to at least 1998-99, Auslander’s stint was the longest by a walk-on at Maryland. (McCall is included in this list for the year he was on scholarship for football but played basketball).

Perhaps most notably, there were nine walk-on appearances for Maryland that lasted at least seven minutes in the previous 13 seasons. There have been seven already this season.

—- Patrick Stevens