The Washington Times - November 30, 2011, 08:32AM

It is not an overstatement to suggest James Padgett played the best four minutes of his career to begin Maryland’s 71-62 loss to Illinois on Tuesday.

It was also arguably his best first half. Maryland certainly played better when he was on the floor.


Padgett was plus-16 in the first half. In other words, Maryland was a point per minute better than Illinois when Padgett was on the floor before the break. The Terps were nearly 2.5 points worse than Illinois in the other five minutes.

Padgett finished with a career-high 16 points and five rebounds. Of course, he didn’t get one defensive rebound on a night Illinois managed 14 offensive rebounds.

“James made his first two free throws, made some plays but then didn’t keep doing it,” coach Mark Turgeon said. “You’ve got to do it for 40 minutes. I’m proud of James, but he has to give us more. He has to defensive rebound. You do it on one end, you have to be able to do it on the other.”

The full plus-minus rundown:

Player ILL
Season     Per Min.   
4-Susskind DNP   
0 0.00
5-Faust -10 -23 -0.13
10-Weijs -4 -33 -0.38
11-Parker -10 -28 -0.21
12-Stoglin -2 -7 -0.04
DNP +1 0.10
14-Mosley -10 -28 -0.15
15-Barks DNP -1 -0.33
21-Howard INJ —- —-
22-Dillard DNP 0 0.00
23-Auslander -3 0 0.00
24-Thomas -5 -17 -0.35
25-Len DNP —- —-
30-Pankey -9 -28 -0.18
35-Padgett +8 -2 -0.01

—- Patrick Stevens