The Washington Times - November 4, 2011, 11:29AM

It took some planning and a little luck to pull off the dead-tree edition story earlier in the week on Maryland offensive lineman Justin Gilbert, who is expected to play Saturday for the first time in more than 13 months.

Already known before working on the story: Gilbert possesses a strong sense of humor. Fellow linemen Bennett Fulper and R.J. Dill, who share a suite with Gilbert, essentially agreed with this assessment.


So at the tail end of our discussion Wednesday, I asked Gilbert what the best prank he’d played on either guy. He came up empty on a tale about Fulper (“I don’t know what it is about him,” Gilbert said. “You can’t get Fulper.”)

Dill, on the other hand …

“R.J.’s scared of cockroaches —- hates cockroaches,” Gilbert said. “Over the summer, me and Fulper did a lot of fishing and we had these little fishing lures that looked like cockroaches and we threw one on him.  You can put this in the article: If [tailback Davin] Meggett held a cockroach during the game, we’d score every play because R.J. would take everybody on the defense out just to get away from that cockroach.”

—- Patrick Stevens