The Washington Times - October 12, 2011, 06:16PM

Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon said the Terrapins are still waiting to hear about center Alex Len’s status with the NCAA clearinghouse. Turgeon said he was told the NCAA will make a decision Friday, a choice that will likely render Len ineligible.

From that point, a committee will re-examine the case. Turgeon said that should happen within a week.


“With everything Alex has been through, it could be zero games, it could be four games, it could be a year,” Turgeon said. “But we feel very strong about our case and hopefully we’re going to get a positive outcome and it won’t be much more than zero if it is more than zero games he has to sit.”

Turgeon praised Len for his preparation before coming to the United States. He also said he believes the NCAA is simply doing its due diligence to determine the eligibility of the 7-foot-1 Ukrainian.

“They’ve had all the facts for about a week now, but they’ve reached out to the bad guys again trying to get more information, and there’s a deadline on that,” Turgeon said. “As soon as that comes through, I think it’ll move a little bit quicker. I think they’re just trying to be sure.”

—- Patrick Stevens