The Washington Times - October 30, 2011, 12:29PM

Yes, it’s been four weeks since I remembered to include a post on the D1scourse 30 (which makes up one Harris poll ballot, sans Southern California).

In two of those weeks, there was a morning flight. In another, a late game in College Park.


Well, no excuses this week. Or next, for that matter.

It’s all about the resumes, as always. One that’s hard to decide on at the moment is Boise State vs. Stanford.

In truth, that problem gets solved Nov. 12. If Stanford beats Oregon, it will have a marquee win and ultimately will have a stronger schedule than the Broncos. If Stanford loses, then Boise has to deal with a comparison with a one-loss Oregon team (as well as with Alabama, Louisiana State and Oklahoma State).

On to this week’s top 30 …

No. Team
W-L     LW    
1. Louisiana State  
8-0 1 Oregon (N), Auburn (H), WVU (A), Florida (H), Tenn. (A)
2. Alabama
8-0 2 Arkansas (H), Penn St. (A), Florida (A), Tenn. (H), Vandy (H)
3. Oklahoma State   
8-0 4 A&M (A), Texas (A), Baylor (H), Mizzou (A), Tulsa (A), Zona (H)
4. Boise State
7-0 5 Georgia (N), Toledo (A), Nevada (H), Air Force (H), Tulsa (H)
5. Stanford 8-0 8

USC (A-OT), Washington (H), UCLA (H), Wazzu (A), Duke (A)

6. Oklahoma
7-1 11 KSU (A), Texas (N), Fla. St. (A), Mizzou (H), Tulsa (H); L: TT (H)
7. Clemson
8-1 3 VT (A), Auburn (H), Florida St. (H), UNC (H), Md. (A); L: GT (A)
8. Oregon
7-1 9 Ariz. St. (H), California (H), Nevada (H), Wazzu (H); L: LSU (N)
9. Arkansas
7-1 7 Auburn (H), Texas A&M (N), Vandy (A), Miss. (A); L: Bama (A)
10. Nebraska
7-1 14 Michigan St. (H), Wash. (H), tOSU (H), Fresno (H); L: Wisc. (A)
11. South Carolina
7-1 13 Georgia (A), Miss St. (A), Vandy (H), Tenn. (A); L: Auburn (A)
12. Virginia Tech
8-1 15 Miami (H), Wake (A), ECU (A), Duke (A), BC (H); L: Clemson (H)
13. Michigan State
6-2 10 Wisconsin (H), Michigan (H), tOSU (A); L: Neb. (A), ND (A)
14. Michigan
7-1 16 Notre Dame (H), NW (A), WMU (H), Purdue (H); L: Mich. St. (A)
15. Wisconsin
6-2 12 Nebraska (H), Oregon St. (H), NIU (N); L: Mich St. (A), tOSU (A)
16. Kansas State
7-1 6 TT (A), Baylor (H), Miami (A), Mizzou (H), KU (A); L: Okla. (H)
17. Penn State
8-1 21 Ill. (H), Iowa (H), NW (A), Temple (A), Purdue (A); L: Bama (H)
18. Arizona State
6-2 17 USC (H), Mizzou (OT-H), Utah (A); L: Oregon (A), Illinois (A)
19. Southern Cal 6-2 18 ND (A), Cuse (H), Cal (A), Utah (H); L: Stan. (H-OT), Ariz. St. (A)
20. Georgia Tech
7-2 26 Clem (H), UNC (H), NCSU (A), Md. (H); L: UVa (A), Miami (A)
21. Georgia
6-2 22 Fla. (N), Tenn. (A), MSU (H), Vandy (A); L: Boise (N), S.Car (H)
22. Houston
8-0 20

UTEP (A), E. Carolina (H), Marshall (H), UCLA (H), La. Tech (A)

23. Auburn
6-3 24 S. Car. (H), Fla. (H), Miss. St. (A); L: LSU (A), Ark. (A), Clem (A)
24. Ohio State
5-3 NR Wisc. (H), Ill. (A), Toledo (H); L: Neb (A), MSU (H), Miami (A)
25. Cincinnati
6-1 27 Louisville (H), USF (A), NCSU (H); L: Tennessee (A)
26. Texas
5-2 29 BYU (H), Iowa St. (A), UCLA (A), KU (H); L: Okla St. (H), Okla.(N)
27. Texas A&M
5-3 19 Baylor (H), TT (A), SMU (H); L: OK St. (H), Ark. (N), Mizzou (H)
28. TCU
6-2 NR BYU (H), SDSU (A), AF (A), ULM (H); L: Baylor (A), SMU (H-OT)
29. Washington
6-2 30 Cal (H), Utah (A), Hawaii (H), Ariz. (H); L: Stan. (A), Neb. (A)
30. Florida State
5-3 NR NCSU (H), Duke (A), Md. (H); L: Okla. (H), Clem (A), WF (A)

—- Patrick Stevens