The Washington Times - September 10, 2011, 05:17PM

GREENVILLE, N.C. —- One thing has worked exceptionally well for Virginia Tech in the first half against East Carolina.

Quarterback Logan Thomas running it himself.


Consider: The sophomore has nine carries for 52 yards. In Virginia Tech’s other 24 plays, it has 107 yards.

A quick breakdown, with down/distance/spot and result on Thomas’ carries:


3/6, 49: Thomas 8 run (first down)
1/10, (11): Thomas 3 run
2/7, (8): Thomas 5 run
1/10, 46: Thomas 5 run


3/2, (46): Thomas 8 run (first down)
2/4, (47): Thomas 9 run (first down)
1/10, (28): Thomas 6 run
2/4, (22): Thomas 3 run
1/20, (24): Thomas 5 run

So the Hokies gained three yards every time Thomas kept it, and added five yards in seven out of nine tries.

Safe to say that might be seen a little bit more after the break when Virginia Tech receives the second-half kickoff.

A few other tidbits:

* Virginia Tech has three points in three red zone trips. That explains the score as much as anything. The Hokies have an interception and a missed field goal in those red zone trips.

* Wideout Jarrett Boykin had two receptions to set Virginia Tech’s career receptions record (127)

* The Virginia Tech pass defense has played quite well. Dominique Davis is 8-for-16 for 75 yards, which constitutes a strong half against such a throw-happy offense.

—- Patrick Stevens