The Washington Times - September 14, 2011, 10:03AM

Maryland won its opener last week against Miami, a team that came to College Park down nine suspended players and left with an eight-point defeat.

Considering the players the Hurricanes didn’t have at their disposal —- notably several defensive starters, as well as quarterback Jacory Harris and wideout Travis Benjamin —- a rather big deal was made of this. You might remember it.


In any case, Maryland won a game that won’t have an asterisk affixed to it in the record book. But even a little chatter about the potentially diminished value of that victory irked Terrapins coach Randy Edsall.

“I kind of take offense to people saying the Miami game might have been tarnished or whatever because they had those suspensions,” Edsall said Tuesday. “I take issue with that. Our kids went out and played hard. We had guys that weren’t here that were were missing, too. I take offense to anybody who thinks that game was tarnished or anything along those lines. To go out and win at this level is difficult.”

As Edsall notes, Maryland was without two suspended players —- reserves D.J. Adams and Cody Blue —- as well as a handful of injured players. Those weren’t as wide-ranging as Miami’s absences, and certainly didn’t attract the same national attention as the Hurricanes’ woes.

Ultimately, it’s a long season. Whatever the perceptions of Maryland are after just one game —- and whether Edsall agrees with them or not —- a far better picture of who the Terps are and how well their results will hold up will be available in November compared to now.

—- Patrick Stevens