The Washington Times - September 17, 2011, 10:34AM

ANNAPOLIS —- It was an innocuous play, at least it seemed innocuous to most of those watching. Kriss Proctor ran out of bounds on a third down late in the first half against Western Kentucky.

Coach Ken Niumatalolo knew better. And as he saw Proctor turn around, he knew his senior quarterback knew better as well.


It didn’t wind up hurting the Midshipmen —- Western Kentucky couldn’t manage anything in the final 10 seconds —- but it still would have been better for Navy to run out the clock. But it was a reminder that as crisply as Navy played on offense the first two weeks, Proctor still makes a few miscues.

“More than I should,” Proctor said. “It’s just something that comes with experience. Something like that, I’ll never do it again and it came at a time where it was acceptable and we won by a lot. Just little things like that, I have to be perfect on every game. I’m getting there and I’m striving for perfection.”

If there’s one thing Proctor consistently demonstrates, it is a capability to grow from errors quickly.

In the opener against Delaware, he lofted two passes into traffic. One was picked off, and another that was meant to go out of bounds nearly was intercepted as well. His decision-making improved in a similar sort of game against Western Kentucky.

“Last game, I thought he played pretty good,” offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper said. “He got flushed out of the pocket and threw out of bounds. That was a big improvement over the week before last when he tried to throw the ball over top of somebody and almost got it picked.”

Things get a little trickier Saturday when the Mids visit No. 10 South Carolina, which will pose far more difficult problems to Proctor.

Still, it will be his sixth career start. And for his first year as a starter, Proctor isn’t too far off where he hoped to be.

“Just about,” Proctor said. “As a competitor, I’d like to be perfect in my assignment grade that coach Jasper gives me after games, but I’m not. That’ll just come with time.”

And that’s precisely what Jasper hopes will happen in the weeks to come.

“He’s playing well, but the main thing is he has to keep well,” Jasper said. “We have a lot of football to be played.”

—- Patrick Stevens