The Washington Times - September 18, 2011, 09:13AM

Oklahoma went on the road to face a team many folks figured was a top-10 (or better) team in the preseason.

Oklahoma won by 10.


Unsurprisingly, in a results-based ranking system (or mostly results-based, since some teams have yet to face a legitimate test so early in the season), that vaults the Sooners to No. 1.

No. Team
W-L  LW   Resume
1. Oklahoma
2-05* Florida State (A), Tulsa (H)
2. Louisiana State 
3-01* Oregon (N), Mississippi St. (A)
3. Boise State
2-02* Georgia (N), Toledo (A)
4. Alabama
3-03* Penn St. (A), Kent St. (H), N. Texas (H)
5. South Carolina
3-04* Georgia (A), Navy (H), E. Carolina (N)
6. Nebraska
3-011* Washington (H), Fresno State (H)
7. South Florida
3-06* Notre Dame (A), Ball State (H)
8. Oklahoma St.
3-08* Arizona (H), Tulsa (A)
9. Stanford
3-012* Arizona (A), Duke (A), San Jose St. (H)
10. Wisconsin
3-07* Oregon St. (H), N. Illinois (N), UNLV (H)
11. Virginia Tech
3-010* East Carolina (A), Arkansas State (H)
12. Clemson
3-0NR* Auburn (H), Troy (H)
13. Texas A&M
2-09* SMU (H), Idaho (H)
14. Baylor
2-016* TCU (H)
15. Michigan
3-017* ND (H), W. Mich. (H), E. Mich. (H)
16. Southern Cal
3-018* Utah (H), Syracuse (H), Minnesota (H)
17. Florida State
2-113* UL Monroe (H); L: Oklahoma (H)
18. Arkansas
3-014* Troy (H), New Mexico (H)
19. Oregon
2-119* Nevada (H); L: LSU (N)
20. West Virginia
3-026* Maryland (A), Marshall (H)
21. Florida
3-024* Tennessee (H), UAB (H), Fla. Atlantic (H)
22. Texas
3-021* BYU (H), UCLA (A), Rice (H)
23. Illinois

* Arizona State (H), Arkansas State (H)

24. TCU

* Air Force (A), ULM (H); L: Baylor (A)

25. Auburn
2-115* Miss. St. (H), Utah St. (H); L: Clemson (A)
26. Arizona State
2-120* Missouri (OT-H); L: Illinois (A)
27. North Carolina

* Rutgers (H), Virginia (H)

28. Georgia Tech
3-0NR* Kansas (H), Middle Tennessee (A)
29. Florida Int’l
3-0NR* UCF (H), Louisville (A), North Texas (H)
30. Iowa State
3-0NR* Iowa (OT-H), UConn (A)


FELL OUT: No. 22 Maryland (1-1), No. 23 Tennessee (2-1), No. 25 Ohio State (2-1), No. 27 Michigan State (2-1), No. 29 Mississippi State (1-2), No. 30 Missouri (2-1)

Patrick Stevens