The Washington Times - September 21, 2011, 11:48AM

One interesting personnel tidbit from the ACC teleconference concerns Adrian Coxson, a redshirt freshman wide receiver who entered camp with some buzz, twisted an ankle during the first week and wasn’t heard from again until he made an appearance on special teams Saturday against West Virginia.

“Right now he would be probably our seventh receiver right now where we stand with the two young men suspended, so he’d really be ninth after that,” coach Randy Edsall said. “He’s a young man who got hurt and got set back and now is trying to work his way back from a role from a special teams standpoint.”


In a lot of ways, this isn’t as surprising as it might seem on the surface. Consider:

* Kevin Dorsey has 17 receptions in two games

* Kerry Boykins started Saturday and has six catches

* Tony Logan hauled in four receptions against West Virginia

* Freshman Marcus Leak is one of four wideouts on the depth chart

* Devin Burns caught a pass against West Virginia.

* Webb Dulin was on the field for an offensive snap on a fourth down early in the third quarter,  but a timeout was called and Maryland used different personnel after the break.

So that’s six guys (eight if suspended wideouts Quintin McCree and Ronnie Tyler are included.

Coxson, who transferred to Maryland from Florida during camp last season, could have a chance to play more as the season progresses.

“We have to keep monitoring him, and he has to keep working very hard,” Edsall said. “When an opportunity presents itself, he has to take advantage.”

—- Patrick Stevens