The Washington Times - September 6, 2011, 10:55AM

Few Maryland football players have a habit of winding up around significant plays quite like Cameron Chism.

It was little surprise, then, the senior cornerback was quite influential in the course of Maryland’s 32-24 defeat of Miami on Monday.


Chism forced a fumble that Joe Vellano returned for a touchdown just before halftime.

He was called for holding to extend a Miami drive that led to a go-ahead field goal in the fourth quarter.

And then, with his aim simply to keep Miami receivers in bounds, to prevent big plays and to wrap up and make tackles, the ball came his way again.

“The guy ran to the sticks and turned around, so I jumped it and caught it,” Chism said.

And then he kept going. And going. And going. Until he got to the end zone —- much to the chagrin of coach Randy Edsall.

“Here’s the thing: Chiz did a good job and then Joe got the touchdown, but then that last play, it’s great he picked it off, but he should have gone down, because the game was over and we wouldn’t have had to get back out there because they had one timeout with only 30-some seconds,” Edsall said. “So in that situation, he shouldn’t have scored.”

Instead, Chism scampered 54 yards for the score. Then Maryland botched the extra point and, well, a coach’s nightmare scenario started to unfold.

“I’m sitting there and he picks it off and I’m yelling ‘Go down, go down go down,’” Edsall said. “Then I see him score a touchdown and I’m saying ‘Oh my gosh.’ Then we have the flubbed extra point, so now they can still go down and score and get two points. Now you have overtime.”

Except it didn’t come to that. Miami struggled to make progress in deteriorating conditions, and Kenny Tate intercepted Stephen Morris as time expired to preserve the win.

Chism, for his part, was understandably caught up in the moment.

“I didn’t hear him. I was on the other side of the field,” Chism said. “The crowd was loud, so I didn’t even think about going down. After he told me the situation, I should have went down. I didn’t really think about it.”

—- Patrick Stevens