The Washington Times - September 6, 2011, 09:37AM

For those unfamiliar with the D1scourse 30, it is a ranking system that follows a pretty simple pattern: Try to completely phase out preseason expectations by the end of September and vote strictly on the accomplishments on the field.

That’s not especially easy after one week, when most teams nibbled on college football plankton. No, Alabama didn’t accomplish much in beating Kent State, but is it worth putting the Crimson Tide, say, 17th? Not after one week. So there’s a bit of massaging to be done, and admittedly there are some lingering preseason expectations still included.


But if Louisiana State and Boise State pretty clearly accomplished something likely to have value down the road, shouldn’t they be rewarded, too?

Two things of note about this. One, in October, the D1scourse 30 becomes the foundation of a Harris poll vote. Two, I start from scratch every week after the opening weekend (listing teams by conference together for organizational purposes) and don’t look at the previous week’s ranking until filling in the previous column.

With that in mind …


No. Team
W-L   Pvs    
1. Louisiana State  
1-06* Oregon (N)
2. Boise State
1-03* Georgia (N)
3. Oklahoma
1-02* Tulsa (H)
4. Alabama
1-01* Kent State (H)
5. South Florida
1-025* Notre Dame (A)  
6. Wisconsin
1-07* UNLV (H)
7. Virginia Tech
8. Arkansas
9. Texas A&M
1-012* SMU (H)
10. South Carolina
1-011* East Carolina (N)
11. Florida State  
1-010* UL Monroe (H)
12. Stanford
1-014* San Jose St. (H)
13. Oklahoma State  
1-017* UL Lafayette (H)
14. Nebraska
15. Baylor
1-056* TCU (H)
16. Florida
1-018* FAU (H)
17. Mississippi State
1-021* Memphis (A)
18. Ohio State
1-019* Akron (H)
19. Oregon
0-14* L: LSU (N)
20. Southern California  
1-020* Minnesota (H)
21. Missouri
1-024* Miami-OH (H)
22. West Virginia
1-027* Marshall (H)
23. Texas
1-022* Rice (H)
24. Michigan State
25. Maryland
1-046* Miami (H)
26. Brigham Young
1-026* Ole Miss (A)
27. Michigan
1-030* Western Michigan (H)
28. Georgia
0-115* L: Boise State (N)
29. Northwestern
1-039* Boston College (A)
30. Notre Dame   
0-113* L: South Florida (H)

Patrick Stevens