The Washington Times - September 7, 2011, 11:07AM

Going back and checking some predictions heading into Monday’s Maryland-Miami game …

1. Maryland will surpass its rushing total from last year’s game against Miami.


CORRECT. The Terrapins managed 151 yards on the ground, surpassing its 96-yard output from a season ago.

2. Davin Meggett will set a career-high in rushing attempts.

CORRECT. Meggett had 21 of Maryland’s 34 carries, surpassing his career-best total of 18.

3. Miami will be just fine at quarterback.

CORRECT. Maybe the numbers don’t look overwhelming for Stephen Morris —- 19-for-28, 195 yards, two interceptions and a rushing touchdown. But how does 18-for-22 for 188 yards and a rushing touchdown sound? Probably pretty sweet for Miami fans, who had every reason to be satisfied with those numbers through 59 minutes. No, Morris couldn’t complete the comeback, but he wasn’t near the top of the list of reasons why the Hurricanes lost.

4. Maryland will play at least three true freshmen in its opener.

CORRECT. As expected, Justus Pickett (running back/kickoff returner), Tyler Cierski (fullback) and Keith Bowers (defensive end) all played. Darin Drakeford‘s ankle injury in the fourth quarter pushed Alex Twine into action as well.

5. Maryland will win by less than a touchdown.

INCORRECT. But it looked like it would be correct for much of the game. The Terps held a multi-possession lead for exactly 4 minutes and 19 seconds. Alas (for the sake of this prediction, anyway), that included the final 39 seconds after Cameron Chism returned an interception for a touchdown. “A touchdown and a two-point conversion” is not “less than a touchdown,” but the spirit of the pick —- that Maryland would win a close game —- was basically right.

RECORD: 4-for-5

—- Patrick Stevens