The Washington Times - April 20, 2012, 10:49AM

Maryland’s men’s basketball assistant coaches made $692,320, a 59.9 percent increase over the previous set of assistants.

Dalonte Hill earned $307,440 in guaranteed compensation, Scott Spinelli earned $207,440 and Bino Ranson earned $177,440. Each assistant’s contract was obtained through an open records request with the school.


All three coaches received one-year contracts. Maryland’s football assistant coaches, most of whom began their current contracts last season, are working off three-year contracts. The exceptions are offensive coordinator Mike Locksley (four years) and defensive coordinator Brian Stewart (two years).

Hill and Spinelli were newcomers to Maryland, along with first-year coach Mark Turgeon. Ranson was a holdover from retired coach Gary Williams‘ staff. Director of basketball operations Dustin Clark, who came with Turgeon from Texas A&M, earned $107,440 in guaranteed pay last year.

Turgeon earned $1.9 million last season in the first year of an eight-year deal signed in June.

Hill’s base salary is $100,000, with an additional $200,000 split evenly between compensation for radio/television appearances; personal appearances; fundraising; and service, equipment and apparel. Spinelli’s base salary is $100,000, with an additional $100,000 split evenly between those same four categories.

The language of Ranson’s contract is different than the two new assistants, though his deal appears to be unchanged from his previous one. His base salary is $146,500, with an additional $21,000 for television and tournament revenue and $2,500 for promotions and fundraising.

Each assistant’s guaranteed compensation includes a $500 per month car allowance and a $120 per month phone stipend.

The contracts for Hill and Spinelli in particular reveal a growing investment in Maryland’s basketball staff over just more than two years ago, when the Terps’ three assistants were collectively the lowest-paid of any group among the ACC’s eight public schools. They also combined at the time to make less money than Maryland’s women’s basketball assistants.

The Maryland staff was guaranteed a combined 46.4 percent more in pay in 2010-11 over 2009-10:


Coach 2010 2011 2012
Keith Booth $99,881 $115,081 —-
Chuck Driesell    
—- —-
Robert Ehsan
$66,440 $140,440 —-
Bino Ranson
—- $177,440 $177,440
Dalonte Hill
—- —- $307,440
Scott Spinelli
—- —- $207,440
Total $295,789 $432,961      $692,320    


Hill received $30,000 in relocation money to move from Kansas State, while Spinelli received $20,000 in moving assistance to help with relocating from Texas A&M. Maryland also paid Kansas State a $50,000 buyout to hire Hill. Hill would be required to pay Maryland $50,000 to depart before the expiration date of his contract.

Hill’s contract expires April 30, while the deals for both Spinelli (May 22) and Ranson (June 30) expire in the next few months.

—- Patrick Stevens