The Washington Times - January 11, 2012, 08:43AM

Take a look at today’s dead-tree edition look at Maryland forward James Padgett‘s offensive rebounding prowess if you’d like.

It won’t be easy for Padgett to keep up his current pace, since almost nothing but conference games remain for the Terps. Still, he has 21 offensive rebounds in five games against power-conference foes, so it’s plausible he could continue to be a monster on the offensive glass.


A look at Maryland’s offensive rebounders since 1994-95 reveals no one has averaged four offensive rebounds in a season and there have been just four players in that span to average three offensive rebounds per game.

(For those who would offer accusations of statistical cherry-picking, I really wanted to find the data for 1993-94 —- aka Joe Smith‘s freshman year —- and couldn’t find it. Chances are good Smith would crack this list somewhere).

Anyway, here’s the top 10 offensive rebounding averages for a Terp over the last 18 seasons, with Padgett’s number obviously just a partial season figure.


Player Season OR/G
James Padgett
2011-12 4.07
Joe Smith
1994-95 3.97
Jordan Williams
2010-11 3.67
Lonny Baxter
1999-00 3.60
Jamar Smith
2003-04 3.03
Ekene Ibekwe
2006-07 2.88
Jordan Williams   
2009-10 2.84      
Lonny Baxter
2000-01 2.81
Keith Booth 1995-96 2.76
Terence Morris


Just missing the cut —- but worth mentioning, nonetheless —- was Landon Milbourne‘s 2.69 offensive rebounds per game in 2008-09. Not a bad bit of work from the underappreciated forward who played far out of position at times, especially during his junior season.

—- Patrick Stevens