The Washington Times - March 12, 2012, 01:44AM

What good would a bunch of a drumbeat of bracket projections be without a look back and grading the final product?

The final bracket projection was posted Sunday afternoon. And as for the accuracy?


* 67 of the 68 teams were picked right

* 38 of the 68 teams were seeded precisely right

* 64 of the 68 teams were seeded within one line of their actual seed

The missed team was Iona (with Seton Hall projected in the Gaels’ place).

As for the other three teams with varied seeding:

* Creighton was projected as a No. 5 and was given a No. 8.

* Harvard was projected as a No. 9 (and bumped up a line to help sort out a bracketing quandary) and was given a No. 12.

* Brigham Young was projected as a No. 12 and was slid into a play-in game that occupies the slot of a No. 14.

Three other quirkier items:

Teams placed by correct seed AND region (10): 

EAST: 1. Syracuse, 10. West Virginia, 16. UNC Asheville
SOUTH: 1. Kentucky, 16. Mississippi Valley
MIDWEST: 2. Kansas, 9. Alabama, 10. Purdue, 16. Lamar
WEST: 6. Murray State

Matchups correctly predicted (1): Syracuse-UNC Asheville

Picks For Top Seed Per Site:

PITTSBURGH: Ohio State and Syracuse (both correct)
GREENSBORO: Duke and North Carolina (both correct)
LOUISVILLE: Kentucky and Marquette (both correct)
NASHVILLE: Florida State and Louisville (Florida State correct; Michigan anchors other pod)
COLUMBUS: Michigan and Michigan State (Michigan State correct; Georgetown anchors other pod)
OMAHA: Kansas and Missouri (both correct)
ALBUQUERQUE: Baylor and Vanderbilt (Baylor correct; Vanderbilt a No. 5; Wisconsin anchors second pod)
PORTLAND: Wisconsin and Georgetown (Neither correct; Louisville and Indiana anchor pods)