The Washington Times - February 24, 2011, 10:42AM

Ever wonder how much money $9 billion is? That’s the “total revenue” NFL owners and players are arm-wrestling over – though the bosses, typically, are crying poor and the workers, just as typically, are crying foul.

We’ve had so many big numbers thrown at us lately – what with deficits, bailouts and the like – that a figure in the billions (as opposed to the trillions) may not elicit much of a response. So let me help you grasp the Haynesworthian size of it, with the aid of the latest issue of National Geographic.


According to the magazine, the population of our planet will hit 7 billion this year. If you counted to 7 billion, and “each number took just a second to say (and you didn’t lose your place), getting there would take more than two centuries,” writer Thomas Pierce informs us. Also:

● “7 billion steps would take you around the Earth 133 times.”

● “7 billion years [are] half the age of the universe.”

And the NFL’s total intake is $2 billion MORE than that – or 171 strolls around the world.

Just thought you might want to know.  Let’s hope the universe doesn’t age a whole lot more before a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.